We help ambitious clubs create significant new revenue streams

We do this by increasing the number of commercial partners that clubs engage with by unlocking the value of their fans.
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You've got something big brands want

Currently clubs engage with a limited number of commercial partners; earning revenue from sponsorship deals and advertising by packaging their existing rights and assets. What most clubs don't realise is that their fans are a source of revenue outside of match day and merchandise income for social media companies like Facebook and Twitter. They re-sell this data to other big brands and make a fortune in the process.

We think that you are entitled to piece of the action and uniquely we deliver that through the creation of entirely new club inventory and rights.

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Benefits for fans and benefits for clubs

Benefits for fans
  • More opportunities to connect with the club
  • Relevant rewards for their loyalty
  • Return on their investment
Benefits for clubs
  • Increased value for fans
  • New commercial partners
  • Increased value of existing sponsorship rights
  • Revolutionises non match day revenues
  • Commercially engage all fans, not just ticket holders
FanLogic guarantees:
  • No CapEx commitment from the club
  • No resource commitment required from the club
  • No existing inventory requirements
  • Fan data remains the club’s data, and is never shared
  • We will work within all existing partner agreements
Taking on a 21st Century opponent

Value to Clubs

Financial data from Facebook and Twitter shows that currently they make over £5bn from sports fans (ARPU).

For the largest clubs this equates to £150m - £200m that is being left on the table. For the smaller clubs this is still in the region of £2-5m that social media is earning from their fans.

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Help us keep football beautiful

Fanlogic is a data technology company with a deep love for the beautiful game. In order for sport to prosper at all levels it’s vital that fans and clubs are connected in more ways than simply watching a game on TV or in a stadium.

Fanlogic has some of the best brains in the commercialisation of data allied to deep sports experience. We provide the platform, the analytics and all the resource that will allow clubs to gain new commercial revenues and ensure fans are rewarded for their loyalty.

By keeping as much money as possible in the beautiful game, clubs are able to grow and prosper; helping to build wider and deeper connections with their fans and communities.

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